RBC809: Hot Topics

Modality: Live Classroom Course

Description: The Research Billing Compliance (RBC) “Hot Topic” sessions are offered on an as-needed basis. With varying topics and speakers, the sessions are designed to provide an opportunity to learn about new and upcoming issues that directly affect the UF research community. Many of the topics are related to billing compliance, but other subjects may be covered at the request of UF research community members.

Announcements for specific “Hot Topic” sessions are sent out to the UF research community by the Office of Clinical Research. The scheduled dates and times also vary; many times the sessions are scheduled over lunch-time, “Brown Bag” style. Questions and discussion are strongly encouraged.

If you have an idea for a RBC “Hot Topic,” please email the OCR Education and Training Coordinator, Edythe Zettler, at ezettler@ufl.edu.