Research Billing Compliance Training

The Office of Clinical Research (OCR) is responsible for training research teams about Clinical Research Billing Compliance (RBC) , Epic research functionality , and OnCore. These three areas of training intersect and overlap.

Mandatory RBC Certification Course

  • All UF personnel who work on any clinical research studies that require Epic upload must complete the online RBC810 Research Billing Risks certification course on a biennial (once every two years) basis.
  • RBC810 is a prerequisite for all other classes in the RBC series.
  • Depending on your research role, you may need additional RBC, Epic, and/or Oncore courses.

Required RBC Epic and OnCore Training Matrix

Will you Be… RBC810 OCR810 OCR803 OCR861 OCR865
A PI on any clinial research study uploaded to the Epic EMR? Required
Reviewing patient information in Epic to determine eligibility for a research study? Required
Consenting patients for any study in Epic? Required Required Required
Associating research participants to a study in Epic? Required Required Required Required
Preparing, entering, or pending UF Health research orders? Required Required Required Required
Scheduling/associating research-related visits for any study in Epic? Required Required Required Required
Performing Epic Research Charge Reviews? Required Required
Reviewing and/or paying UF Health Epic research services statements? Required –– –– –– Required

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