OCR820: Human Subjects Clinical Research Billing Risks


  • This certification training covers very basic information about federal, state, and University of Florida rules and regulations that affect UF Clinical Research billing policy and procedures
  • The target audience members MUST complete this Research Billing Compliance certification on a biennial basis (once every two years)

Target Audience: All UF personnel who work on human subjects research that involves protocol-required patient-based billable services

Prerequisites: None

Learning Objectives: As a result of participation in this activity, participants should be able to:

  • Identify two main areas of fiscal/billing risk for UF human subjects clinical research studies
  • Explain the applicability of Medicare rules to UF Research studies and patient-care costs billing
  • Describe a Qualifying Clinical Trial and Routine Costs
  • Explain the importance of reconciling the Triad of Study Documents
  • Discuss the offices and systems in place at UF to help reduce research billing risk for our institution and investigators

Duration: This training should take approximately 60 minutes to complete

Modality: Online

Technology: This training is best viewed with Chrome or Firefox (Window) or Safari or Chrome (Mac).

Grading: At the end of this training, completion of a final assessment is required. To successfully complete this training, you must obtain a score of 80% (80/100 points) or higher. 

To Register for this Course:

  1. Click on this link to access the registration page in the myTraining system.
  2. Click the blue [START] button.
  3. Note: If you are unable to register through myTraining, please contact OCR-Training@ahc.ufl.edu.