OCR810: Introduction to OnCore


  • OCR810 is a certification course required for new OnCore users before they can request OnCore access.
  • OCR810 is also a prerequisite for all other OnCore trainings.
  • Note: Legacy OnCore users who completed the retired OCR800: OnCore Basics prior to 2021 will NOT have to take OCR810 in order to register for live courses; their OCR800 completion will be honored.

Target Audience: Research staff who need OnCore access

Prerequisite: IRB803: IRB Training (with HIPAA)


  • An online course in the myTraining system, which includes knowledge checks and an assessment.


  • Requires approximately 60 minutes to complete.


  • Make sure you are using a computer with audio capabilities and that your volume is set at an appropriate level. This course is best viewed with Chrome or Firefox (Window) or Safari or Chrome (Mac).


  • Completion of an online assessment is required. To successfully complete Part 1 of the course, you must achieve a score of 80/100 points (80%) or higher. After completing the course, your training transcript will be updated immediately. You will still need to complete Part 2 in order to get OnCore access.

To Register for this Course:

  1. Click on this link to access the registration page in the myTraining system.
  2. Click the blue [START] button.
  3. Note: If you are unable to register through myTraining, please contact OCR-Training@ahc.ufl.edu.