Review OnCore Billing Grid

What Information is on the OnCore Billing Grid?

  • The OnCore Billing Grid is a line-item list of the study activities and visit schedule.
  • The grid includes billing designations for each event and item that indicate whether the activity or item is to be billed to the study or to the subject’s insurance.
  • It is important that these designations be correct for research billing workflows and compliance with research billing regulations.
  • For current studies that have an active billing grid interface between OnCore and Epic, the information in the OnCore billing grid is shared with Epic in order to drive study patient-based charges to the correct payer.

Who Should Review the Billing Grid?

It is important that study teams review and understand the billing grid so that billing errors are reduced. The grid should be reviewed by any study members who are doing any of the following:

How Do I Find the Billing Grid?

Once you have OnCore Access, follow the Find and Review the Study Billing Grid in OnCore user guide.

What if a Billing Grid Needs Correction or Updates?

  • If you find an error in the billing grid, contact the OCR CAB liason for the study via and/or
  • Depending on where the study is in the start-up workflow, you may need to submit a study amendment to OCR.
  • Note: If you have a subject scheduled for study visits and the billing grid needs correction, please make sure you indicate this. If the grid is not corrected before the study visits, billing errors may occur.


Email:,, and/or