OCR840: OnCore Financial Coordination
Jan 1 12:00am - Jan 1 12:00am

Course Content: At UF, the Office of Clinical Research (OCR) works with the Principal Investigator and study team to perform a coverage analysis of a human subjects research protocol. The coverage analysis determines who should be paying for each item or service required by the study. This information is entered into OnCore using the Coverage Analysis Console.

In addition, through the Financials Console, OnCore provides a means to perform a variety of other financial management tasks, including budgeting, invoicing, and payment reconciliation.

This class provides an overview of the Coverage Analysis and Financials Consoles.

Target Audience: UF Faculty and staff who will use OnCore to do the following:


  • View protocol calendars (including unreleased calendars) and subject calendars
  • Enter and update protocol calendar billing designations
  • Review protocol QCT status
  • Review OnCore protocol budget information
  • View subjects
  • Perform protocol/subject/document searches
  • Run reports


Duration: 2 hours

Modality: Live

  • This live course is being offered through Zoom as a virtual class until further notice
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  • On the scheduled class date, you will receive an email from the instructor that will include the Zoom link and other information

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