OCR803: OnCore Subject Administration
Sep 20 01:00pm - Sep 20 04:00pm · Communicore C3-13

Description: This OnCore course covers the two consoles used in subject management - the Subject Console and the Clinical Research Administrator (CRA) Console.

The Subject Console allows you to view subject information within the context of a protocol. The console provides access to a subject’s demographic information, the protocols the subject is associated with, what consent forms the subject has signed, their eligibility status, and the subject calendar that defines a schedule of visits (when a subject is to be seen) and what procedures will be performed during each visit.etc.

The CRA Console is designed to provide subject information at a protocol level. When a protocol is selected in the CRA Console, it displays the subjects who have been accrued, a list of Serious Adverse Events (SAEs), visits outside of tolerance, and other subject deviations in this protocol. The CRA Console also indicates which subjects need to review and accept a more recent version of the consent form.

Target Audience: UF Faculty and staff who are using OnCore to do the following:

  • Create pre-screening records
  • Add new subjects to protocols
  • Update subjects’ protocol statuses
  • Record subject visit updates
  • Assign randomized treatment
  • Update accrual goal information
  • View protocol calendars and subject calendars

Duration: 3 hours

Seating Capacity: 15

Prerequisite: OCR800: OnCore Basics

Registration is required. For registration instructions, go to https://ctsi-clinicalresearch-intranet.sites.medinfo.ufl.edu/oncore-training/ocr803/.