The UF Office of Clinical Research (OCR) Contracting team represents the University of Florida in the preparation, negotiation, and activation of all sponsored agreements under the purview of the OCR (with a specific focus on federal and industry funded clinical research contracts).

The OCR Contracting team is also responsible for the preparation, negotiation and activation of incoming and outgoing Confidentiality Disclosure Agreements (CDAs), Data Use Agreements (DUAs), Subawards, and other complex contractual agreements under the purview of the OCR.

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OCR Contracting Workflow

  • When a study is submitted to OCR, OCR analyzes whether a contract needs to be negotiated between the sponsor and UF.
  • If a contract is needed, the contract is assigned to the OCR Contracting team.
  • The OCR Contracting team confirms that the contract in entered into the UFIRST Agreement module.
  • Using information provided by the study team in the OCR intake form, The OCR Contracting team drafts and sends a redline to sponsor to initiate negotiations.
  • Once all terms are agreed to, a “clean” version of the contract is prepared for signatures.
  • Signature process is initiated:
    • UF or Sponsor begins process
    • Principal Investigator signs
    • OCR UF Authorized Signing Official signs
    • Sponsor signs and contract is then “fully executed”
  • OCR files the fully executed contract into the UFIRST Agreement Module.
  • Click here to see the entire OCR Services Workflow.
  • Please find this additional resource meant to assist UF Research staff with expectations on review, routing and set up of Clinical Trials (CTs) given that they may be executed by DSP-Gainesville (DSP), DSP-Jacksonville (JAX) or the UF Office of Clinical Research (OCR).