UFHP Clinics

Confirmation of Services (COS)

COS codes and pricing can be obtained either by the study team PRIOR to an OCR submission, or alternately, by the OCR CAB team AFTER submission to OCR.

If study team will be obtaining the COS, study team requests COS using the following form(s):


  • Use this form if the clinic manager has asked you to complete a UFHP COS form for study-funded research services to take place in their clinic OR if you need budgeting pricing estimates for UFHP study-funded research services to take place in a UFHP clinic.

The UF Health Eye Center REQUIRES a UFHP Clinic COS.

If your study involves study-paid UF Eye Center services, you MUST contact Christina Kuruppacherry kuruppcl@ufl.edu to complete the COS.

For more information, see Set Up Research Services in the UF Health Eye Center


UFHP Clinic Research U Codes

UFHP Clinic Research U codes have been created to replace billable CPT codes for study-funded professional services in order to reduce billing risk (U codes will “edit out” of Epic claims workflows). Some U codes require Confirmation of Services; others do not (see tables below).

For study-funded standalone clinic visits with SALARY-SUPPORTED provider or study team member use:

Code Description Price Clinic COS Requred?
U0891 Salary Supported Provider/Non-Provider Visit (> 30 Minutes) $0.00 No
U0892 Salary Supported Provider/Non-Provider Visit (1-30 Minutes) $0.00 No

For study-funded E&M clinic visits (99201-99215) performed by a provider who is NOT on the study staff use:

Code Description Price Clinic COS required?
U0889 Provider Visit ( > 30 Minutes) $100.00 No
U0890 Provider Visit (1-30 Minutes) $50.00 No

For any other study-funded non-E&M clinic visits performed by a provider who is NOT on the study staff use:

Code Description Price Clinic COS Required?
CPT Per COS Appropriate CPT Code Description Per COS Yes
CPT Per COS Eye Exams in any UFHP Eye Clinic Per COS Yes


  • Contact the OCR Coverage Analysis and Budget team via OCR-CAB@ahc.ufl.edu.
  • You can also contact the service location directly. For a comprehensive list of UF Health Research Service Locations and associated COS contacts, see COS Contacts (gatorlink login required).