Follow Research Workflows

Review the Manage Study section of our website to learn about all of the research workflows that may apply to your study during the different timepoints of the study’s lifecycle.

Before Starting a Study

Prior to starting your study in a UF Health location, you may be required to submit your study to various review committees to ensure that your study details are communicated to Shands staff and that research workflows are followed. See Human Subjects Research Reviews for more details.

Procedure Coding Requests (PCR)

UF Health Lab/Pathology procedure codes can be obtained either by the study team PRIOR to an OCR submission, or alternately, by the OCR CAB team AFTER submission to OCR.

If study team will be obtaining the procedure codes:

  • Requests must include the following information:
    • Study Short Title
    • OnCore Protocol Number, if applicable
    • Principal Investigator
    • Study Team Contact
    • Protocol Procedure/Sample Names
    • Any other information Lab/Pathology would need to know
  • If slides are requested or a biopsy is required, please answer the following:
    • Do you need a patient care diagnosis?
    • Does this study require only technical work (cuts from cases in which a diagnosis has already been rendered?)
    • If UF Health is to perform testing on a biopsy, will it be performed using a standard pathology procedure protocol or does the study have special pathology testing requirements? (Please contact the laboratory if you are unsure what the standard pathology protocol would be for the tissue you are collecting.)
  • Lab/Pathology will prepare and email the PCR to the study team for review and approval.
  • Once study team receives the PCR back from Lab/Pathology, they will submit a complete study packet to OCR, including the Lab/Pathology PCR.

CPT Code

  • Enter the CPT code/Procedure name for the service you need confirmed.
  • Note: If you are not 110% sure of the CPT code and work with the Shands Lab/Pathology PCR contacts to ensure that you get the right code for the service that the protocol is requiring.
  • If more rows are required, please add more rows via Word 2016 menu Review > Restrict Editing > “Stop Protection” button > copy more rows (do not add data yet), then >”Yes, Start Enforcing” > “OK” (no password) > add row data


  • For budgetary purposes on multi-year studies, plan for a 5% price increase each year. Research rates are estimates. Actual charges will be the rate current on day of service.
  • If you are 110% sure of the coding and only require pricing, please see the UF Health Charge Master Event Lookup Report.
    • Note: If pricing is unavailable in the UF Health Charge Master, please contact an OCR PCR coordinator via

Review of PCRs

  • Lab/Pathology staff will review the requests and confirm codes.
  • During the Coverage Analysis process, the OCR CAB team will review study documents and contact Shands and UFHP for final pricing confirmations.
  • OCR staff will email study team and/or upload final pricing confirmations to OnCore.

Research Orders

For ALL UF Health orders, study teams should be following the electronic research order workflows in Epic, which include:

Paper Research Order Forms

  • In addition to entering UF Health Lab/Pathology research orders into Epic, each specimen must have a yellow paper order form attached.
  • UF Health Lab/Pathology staff will provide study team with yellow research order forms to be included with study specimens.
  • To order an extra tube of blood off an SOC blood draw at no charge, do NOT place an Epic order and use the UF Health Blood Draw Station – Extra Research Tube Off SOC Draw form.