Hospital Inpatient (Shands)

Follow Research Workflows

Review the Manage Study section of our website to learn about all of the research workflows that may apply to your study during the different timepoints of the study’s lifecycle.

Before Starting an Inpatient Study

Prior to starting your study in a UF Health Hospital Inpatient GNV location,  you may be required to submit your study to various review committees to ensure that your study details are communicated to Shands staff and that research workflows are followed.  See Human Subjects Research Reviews for more details.

Procedure Coding Requests (PCR)

Procedure codes can be obtained either by the study team PRIOR to an OCR submission, or alternately, by the OCR CAB team AFTER submission to OCR.

If study team will be obtaining the procedure codes, study team should reach out to the Procedure Coding Request Contacts listed for inpatient stays.

Scheduling Inpatient Admissions

Research-Only Admissions

If the study participant is being admitted as an inpatient to the hospital for research purposes only and/or the study is paying for the entire stay, study team must:

“Mixed” Admissions

If the study participant is already set-up for a “standard of care” inpatient admission, and the participant will receive some research services during this stay, the study team must

  • Associate the participant to the research study at time of consent. 
  • Associate the existing hospital admission to the study.

Ancillary Research Charges During Inpatient Admissions

Study teams must ensure that all research charges generated during an inpatient admission are properly associated to the study in Epic by doing all of the following:

  • Associate the participant to the research study at time of consent. 
  • The study participant’s admission encounter must be associated to the research study.
  • Any ancillary research orders that are placed during the inpatient stay must also be associated to the study.
  • Complete Billing Charge Reviews for the study participant.

Inpatient IDS Pharmacy Orders

Effective Monday, December 8, 2014, the receipt of an electronic prescription placed through an “Orders Only” encounter in Epic will prompt the IDS Pharmacy staff to create a special IDS Pharmacy Research Account to process the order. For questions, please contact

Inpatient Concomitant Medications

All standard medication and other hospital policies apply to research participants admitted to UF Health Shands Hospital. Concomitant medication orders must be written upon admission and these medications are generally supplied by the Hospital.

All medications used for patient care must be issued or verified by the UF Health Shands Pharmacy department.  Inpatients may not use their own medications if the medications are listed in the Hospital Formulary. These medications must be supplied by the hospital for inpatient care. Non-formulary medications may – in very limited circumstances – be obtained from patients’ own supply.  Additional restrictions apply to other medications such as controlled substances and topical preparations, additional details of which are described in Shands Core Policy 02.077.

If the billing plan for the study includes a charge for a room rate, concomitant meds will generally be included in the rate. For specific questions or more detailed information about research room rates, please contact the Inpatient Procedure Coding Request Contacts

For questions regarding CP02.077, please contact Pharmacy Administration (352-265-0404) or the Pharmacy Administrator On-Call.