Confirmation of Services (COS)

UF Cytogenetics COS codes and pricing can be obtained either by the study team PRIOR to an OCR submission. or alternately, by the OCR CAB team AFTER submission to OCR.

If study team will be obtaining the COS:

  • Study team completes the Cytogenetics COS request form, which includes study information, tests requested volume, any turn-around requirements and time periods.
  • White areas to be completed by study team, shaded areas are to be completed by UF Cytogenetics personnel.
  • Note:  If study team is unsure of correct CPTs code to request, these should remain blank and the Cytogentics staff will use protocol to help determine correct CPT codes needed.
  • Study team indicates in comments any of the following special handling requirements:
    • Are there any special documentation (reporting) requirements, beyond the laboratory’s standard clinical reports (i.e., special forms to be completed, extra copies of reports, images, re-writing reports in specific formats, etc.)?
    • Will there be any requirements for the packaging, shipping, and/or delivery of prepared materials (i.e., tissue cultures, cell pellets, extracted DNA, etc.) to the PI, sponsor, or any other third parties?
    • Will there be any requirements for computer data entry (i.e., entries or submission to patient registries)?
    • Will there be any requirements for the production of digital images to be prepared for distribution?
    • Any other special requests?
  • Study team sends completed Cytogenetics COS request form and current protocol to Brian Gray via
  • Once study team receives the COS back from Cytogenetics, they will submit a complete study packet to OCR, including the Cytogenetics COS.

Review of COS Requests

  • Cytogenetics staff will review the requests and confirm codes and pricing.
  • Cytogenetics staff will also assign CPT codes to any special handling requests.
  • During the Coverage Analysis process, the OCR CAB team will review study documents and contact Shands and UFHP for final pricing confirmations.
  • OCR staff will email study team and/or upload final pricing confirmations to OnCore.

Research Orders

For ALL UF Health orders, study teams should be following the electronic research order workflows in Epic, which include:

Paper Research Order Forms

  • In addition to entering UF Cytogenetics research orders into Epic, each specimen must have a yellow paper order form attached.
  • Cytogenetics staff will provide study team with yellow research order forms to be included with study specimens.



  • Brian Gray
    Supervisor, Cytogenetics Lab
    UF Path Labs
    4800 SW 35th Drive
    University of Florida
    Gainesville, FL 32608
  • TEL:  (352) 265-9900
  • FAX: (352) 265-9920

You may also contact the OCR Coverage Analysis and Budget team via