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Term or AcronymDefinitionContext
A-110OMB Circular A-110 - Uniform Administrative Requirements for Grants and Agreements with Institutions of Higher Education, Hospitals, or Other Nonprofit OrganizationsGrants
A-122OMB Circular A-122 - Cost Principles for Non-Profit OrganizationsGrants
A-133OMB Circular A-133 - Audits of States, Local Governments, and Non-Profit OrganizationsGrants
A-21OMB Circular A-21 - Cost Principles for Educational InstitutionsGrants
AAALACAmerican Association for Accreditation of Laboratory Animal CareRegulatory
AAALACAmerican Association of Animal Laboratory Accreditation CouncilRegulatory
AAASAmerican Association for the Advancement of ScienceGrants
AAHCAssociation of Academic Health CentersClinical Research
AAHRPPAssociation for the Accreditation of Human Subjects Research Protections ProgramsIRB
AAMCAssociation of American Medical CollegesGrants
AAPCAmerican Academy of Professional CodersMedical, Hospital, Insurance
AARFAward Administration Request FormGrants
AAUAssociation of American UniversitiesGroups
ABNAdvance beneficiary noticeMedical, Hospital, Insurance
ABRFAssociation of Bimolecular Resource FacilitiesGrants
ACAU.S. Affordable Care ActMedical, Hospital, Insurance
ACDISAssociation of Clinical Documentation Improvement SpecialistsMedical, Hospital, Insurance
ACMAssociation of American Medical CollegesGrants
ACOAdministrative Contracting OfficerGrants
ACRPAssociation of Clinical Research ProfessionalsGroups
ACSAnimal Care ServicesGrants
ACSAmerican Chemical SocietyGrants
ACSAmerican Cancer SocietyGrants
ADAAmericans with Disabilities Act of 1990Grants
ADODRAuthorized Departmental Officer's Designated RepresentativeGrants
ADRAdverse Drug ReactionClinical Research
ADRAdditional documentation requestMedical, Hospital, Insurance
AEAdverse EventClinical Research
AFAAAir Force Audit AgencyGrants
AFARSArmy Federal Acquisition Regulation SupplementGrants
AFOSRAir Force Office of Scientific ResearchGrants
AFRLAir Force Research LaboratoryGrants
AGUF College of Agriculture and Life SciencesUF College of Agriculture and Life Sciences
AHAAmerican Heart AssociationClinical Research
AHAAmerican Hospital AssociationMedical, Hospital, Insurance
AHCAcademic Health CenterGeneral
AHCAAgency for Health Care AdministrationGrants
AHIMAAmerican Health Information Management AssociationMedical, Hospital, Insurance
AHRQAgency for Healthcare Research and QualityRegulatory
AIAAmerica Invents ActGrants
AIDSAcquired Immune Deficiency SyndromeMedical
AKIAcute Kidney InjuryMedical, Hospital, Insurance
ALSAmyotrophic Lateral SclerosisMedical, Hospital, Insurance
AMAAmerican Medical AssociationMedical, Hospital, Insurance
AMIAcute myocardial infarctionMedical, Hospital, Insurance
AMSAltered mental statusMedical, Hospital, Insurance
ANPRMAdvance Notice of Proposed RulemakingGrants
AOAAmerican Osteopathic AssociationMedical, Hospital, Insurance
APCsAmbulatory payment classificationsMedical, Hospital, Insurance
APLUAssociate of Public and Land-grant UniversitiesGrants
APR-DRGAll Patient Refined DRGMedical, Hospital, Insurance
ARDAAdvanced Research and Development ActivityGrants
ARLArmy Research LabGrants
ARNPAdvanced Registered Nurse PractitionerClinical Research
AROArmy Research OfficeGrants
ARPAAdvanced Research Projects AgencyGrants
ARRAAmerican Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009Grants
ASAPAutomated Standard Application for PaymentsGrants
ASCAmbulatory surgery centerMedical, Hospital, Insurance
ASPAverage sales priceMedical, Hospital, Insurance
ASPENAmerican Society for Parental and Enteral NutritionMedical, Hospital, Insurance
ATPAdvance Technology ProgramGrants
AWPAverage wholesale priceMedical, Hospital, Insurance
AYAnnual YearGrants
B2BBusiness to BusinessGrants
BAABroad Agency AnnouncementGrants
BMTBone Marrow TransplantClinical Research
BMTUBone Marrow Transplant UnitUF Health
BORState of Florida Board of RegentsClinical Research
BPNBusiness Partner NetworkGrants
BSLBio-Safety LevelRegulatory
C&GUF Office of Contracts and GrantsUF Core Office
CAHCritical access hospitalMedical, Hospital, Insurance
CALGBCancer and Leukemia Group BCooperative Groups
CARDCenter for Autism and Related DisabilitiesClinical Research
CASCost Accounting StandardsGrants
CASBCost Accounting Standards BoardGrants
CBCComplete Blood CountLab
CBC w DIFFComplete Blood Count with DifferentialLab
CBDCommerce Business DailyGrants
CBEHRUF Center for Behavioral Economic Health ResearchUF College of Health and Human Performance
CBMSRTUF Center for Biomedical Sciences Research and TrainingUF College of Medicine
CBOCongressional Budget OfficeGrants
CCComplication and comorbidityMedical, Hospital, Insurance
CCAMCystic Adenomatoid MalformationsMedical, Hospital, Insurance
CCDSCertified Clinical Documentation SpecialistMedical, Hospital, Insurance
CCHCommerce Clearing HouseGrants
CCHITCertification Commission for Health Information TechnologyMedical, Hospital, Insurance
CCRCentral Contractor RegistrationGrants
CCRContinuity of Care RecordMedical, Hospital, Insurance
CCRCost to Charge RatioMedical, Hospital, Insurance
CDAConfidential Disclosure AgreementContracts
CDA/NDAConfidentiality or Nondisclosure AgreementClinical Research
CDCCenters for Disease Control and PreventionGrants
CDCCenters for Disease ControlMedical, Hospital, Insurance
CDCCenters for Disease Control and PreventionRegulatory
CDIClinical documentation improvementMedical, Hospital, Insurance
CDMCharge description masterMedical, Hospital, Insurance
CDMRPCongressionally Directed Medical Research ProgramsClinical Research
CDRFCitrus Development Research FoundationGrants
CECovered EntityContracts
CEContinuing EducationMedical, Hospital, Insurance
CEHTUF Center for Environmental and Human ToxicologyUF Office of Research
CERHBUF Center of Excellence for Regenerative Health BiotechnologyUF Office of Research
CERTComprehensive Error Rate TestingMedical, Hospital, Insurance
CFDACatalog of Federal Domestic AssistanceGrants
CFOChief Financial OfficerGrants
CFRCode of Federal RegulationsRegulatory
CFSCommittee on Fundamental ScienceGrants
CHFCongestive heart failureMedical, Hospital, Insurance
CHFMUF Department of Community Health and Family MedicineUF College of Medicine
CHRIUF Child Health Research InstituteUF Pediatrics
CICACompetition in Contracting ActGrants
CIRBCentral Institutional Review BoardIRB
CITICollaborative Institutional Training InitiativeIRB
CKDChronic kidney diseaseMedical, Hospital, Insurance
CLINContract Line Item NumberContracts
Clinical ResearchClinical Research aims to advance medical knowledge by studying people, either through direct interaction or through the collection and analysis of blood, tissues, or other samples.NIH
Clinical ResearchAKA "Health-Related Human Subjects Research". Clinical Research is the group of activities that assist us in translating bench or basic sciences to the treatments or outreach activities that benefit patients. Clinical Research extends beyond the traditional definition of a Clinical Trial; it can also include:
- Health Outcomes
- Epidemiology
- Physiology and Pathology
- Health Services and Biobehavioral
CMCase managementMedical, Hospital, Insurance
CMDNUF Center for Movement Disorders and NeurorestorationUF College of Medicine
CMEContinuing Medical EducationMedical, Hospital, Insurance
CMICase Mix IndexMedical, Hospital, Insurance
CMIACash Management Improvement ActGrants
CMPComprehensive Metabolic PanelLab
CMSCenters for Medicare and Medicaid ServicesClinical Research, Regulatory
CMSAConsolidated Metropolitan Statistical AreaMedical, Hospital, Insurance
COContracting OfficerGrants
COBClose of BusinessGeneral
COBRAConsolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1985Medical, Hospital, Insurance
COCCertificate of ConfidentialityContracts
CODUF College of DentistryUF College of Dentistry
COEUF College of EducationUF College of Education
COFARCouncil on Financial Assistance ReformGrants
COGChildren's Oncology GroupCooperative Groups
COGCouncils of GovermentsGrants
COGRCouncil On Governmental RelationsGrants
COIConflict of InterestRegulatory
COMUF College of MedicineUF College of Medicine
COMPETESCreating Opportunities to Meaningfully Promote Excellence in Technology Education and Science (PL110-69)Grants
CONUF College of NursingUF College of Nursing
COPUF College of PharmacyUF College of Pharmacy
COPDChronic obstructive pulmonary diseaseMedical, Hospital, Insurance
COSCommittee on Science of the National Science and Technology CouncilGrants
COSConfirmation of ServicesUF
COSEPUPCommittee on Science, Engineering and Public Policy Grants
COTRContract Officer Technical RepresentativeGrants
CPIConsumer price indexMedical, Hospital, Insurance
CPSRContractor Procurement/Property System ReviewGrants
CPTCurrent Procedure TerminologyMedical, Hospital, Insurance
CRCommon RuleRegulatory
CRAClinical Research AssociateClincial Research
CRACooperative Research AgreementContracts
CRADACooperative Research and Development AgreementContracts
CRBCClinical Research Billing ComplianceUF
CRBCCThe UF Health Clinical Research Billing Compliance CommitteeUF
CRCClinical Research CenterClincial Research
CRCClinical Research CoordinatorClincial Research
CRFCase Report FormClincial Research
CRFUF OCR Clinical Research ForumClincial Research
CRNACertified registered nurse anesthetistMedical, Hospital, Insurance
CROClinical Research OrganizationClincial Research
CROContract Research OrganizationClinical Research
CROUF Cancer Center Clinical Research OfficeUF Cancer Center
CRSCongressional Research ServiceGrants
CRVClinical Research VehicleUF CTSI
CSAClinical Study AgreementContracts
CSEAUF Center for the Study of Emotion and AttentionUF College of Public Health and Health Professions
CSQUIDUF Center for Statistics and Quantitative Infectious DiseasesUF College of Public Health and Health Professions
CSRCenter for Scientific ReviewGrants
CSRCenter for Scientific Review (National Institutes of Health)Grants
CTComputed tomographyMedical, Hospital, Insurance
CTAClinical Trial AgreementContracts
CTCUF Clinical Trial Compliance Office (Legacy Office - now Office of Clinical Research)UF Clinical Research
CTOClinical Trials OfficeClincial Research
CTOUF Cancer Center Clinical Trials OfficeUF
CTSAClinical and Translational Science AwardGrants
CTSIClinical and Translational Science InstituteUF
CTSYUF Salary Plan - CourtesyGrants
CYCalendar YearMedical, Hospital, Insurance
CYDCalendar Year DeductibleClinical Research
D&BDun and BradstreetGrants
DADepartment Administration CostsGrants
DARPADefense Advanced Research Projects AgencyGrants
DATADigital Accountability and Transparency ActGrants
DBSDeep Brain StimulationMedical, Hospital, Insurance
DCDirect CostsGrants
DCAADefense Contract Audit AgencyGrants
DCFDepartment of Children & FamiliesGrants
DEARDepartment of Energy Acquisition RegulationsGrants
DECDetermination of Exceptional CircumstancesGrants
DEDDepartment of EducationGrants
DedDepartment of EducationGrants
DEDDedicated Emergency DepartmentMedical, Hospital, Insurance
DEPDivision of Entrepreneurial ProgramsClinical Research
DFARDefense Federal Acquisition RegulationGrants
DFARSDefense Federal Acquisition Regulation SupplementGrants
DHEWDepartment of Health, Education, and Welfare Grants
DHHSDepartment of Health and Human ServicesGrants, Regulatory
DHSDepartment of Homland SecurityGrants
DHSMVFlorida Department of Highway Safety & Motor VehiclesGrants
DIADefense Intelligence AgencyGrants
DIPECDefense Industrial Plant Equipment CouncilGrants
DISDefense Investigative ServiceGrants
DISCData Integrity and Safety CommitteeRegulatory
DMCData Monitoring CommitteeGrants
DMEPOSDurable medical equipment, prosthetics, orthotics, and supplies Medical, Hospital, Insurance
DNUF College of DentistryUF College of Dentistry
DNADefense Nuclear AgencyGrants
DOCDepartment of CommerceGrants
DOCDepartment of CommerceRegulatory
DoDDepartment of DefenseGrants
DODGARSDOD Grant and Agreement RegulationsGrants
DoEDepartment of EducationClinical Research
DOEDepartment of EnergyGrants
DOHDepartment of HealthClinical Research
DOIDepartment of the InteriorGrants
DOJU.S. Department of JusticeRegulatory
DOLDepartment of LaborGrants
DOMUF Department of MedicineUF College of Medicine
DoNDepartment of NavyGrants
DoSADelegation of Signature AuthorityContracts
DOTDepartment of TransportationGrants
DRADeficit Reduction Act of 2005Medical, Hospital, Insurance
DRGDiagnosis Related GroupMedical, Hospital, Insurance
DSHDisproportionate Share HospitalMedical, Hospital, Insurance
DSMBData Safety Monitoring BoardClinical Research
DSMPData Safety Monitoring PlanClinical Research
DSODirect Support OrganizationUF
DSPUF Division of Sponsored ProgramsUF Core Office
DSRUF Division of Sponsored Research (Renamed Division of Sponsored Programs)UF Core Office
DTRADefense Threat Reduction AgencyGrants
DUADate Use AgreementContracts
DURCDual Use Research ConcernGrants
DxDiagnosisMedical, Hospital, Insurance
E&GEducational and GeneralUF Funding Code
E&MEvaluation and ManagementMedical, Hospital, Insurance
E/MEvaluation and ManagementMedical, Hospital, Insurance
EAPEpic Procedural CodeMedical, Hospital, Insurance
EARExport Administration RegulationsGrants
EARSElectronic Approval and Routing SystemsGrants
ebXMLElectronic Business Extensible Markup LanguageGrants
ECElectronic CommerceGrants
ECExport ControlRegulatory
ECMOExtracorporeal Membrane OxygenationUF Health EMCO Program, UF Health Pediatric Surgery
ECOGEastern Cooperative Oncology GroupCooperative Groups
EDEmergency DepartmentMedical, Hospital, Insurance
EDAEconomic Development AdministrationGrants
EDGAREducation Department General Administration RegulationsGrants
EDIElectronic Data InterchangeGrants
EDMSElectronic Document Management SystemMedical, Hospital, Insurance
EEOCEqual Employment Opportunity CommissionGrants
EFTElectronic Funds TransferGrants
EH&SEnvironmental Health and SafetyRegulatory
EHRElectronic Health RecordMedical, Hospital, Insurance
EHSEnvironmental Health and SafetyGrants
EIESEngineering and Industrial Experiment StationClinical Research
EINEntity Identification NumberGrants
EINEmployer ID numberGrants
EMGElectromyographyMedical, Hospital, Insurance
EMRElectronic Medical RecordMedical, Hospital, Insurance
EMTEmergency Medical TechnicianMedical, Hospital, Insurance
EMTALAEmergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act of 1986, Medical, Hospital, Insurance
EOExecutive OrderGrants
EOBExplanation of BenefitsMedical, Hospital, Insurance
EPAEnvironmental Protection AgencyGrants
EPAEnvironmental Protections ActRegulatory
ePHIElectronic Protected Health InformationMedical, Hospital, Insurance
EPIUF Emerging Pathogens InstituteUF Office of Research
ERAEconomic Regulatory AdministrationGrants
ERAElectronic Research AdministrationGrants
ESRDEnd Stage Renal DiseaseMedical, Hospital, Insurance
ETAEmployment and Training AdministrationGrants
EVSEquipment Visibility SystemGrants
F&AFacilities and Administrative (Rate or Cost)Grants
F&AUF Office of Finance and AccountingUF Core Office
FAAFederal Aviation AdministrationGrants
FACFlorida Administrative CodeClinical Research
FACFederal Audit Clearing HouseGrants
FAINFederal Award Identification NumberGrants
FAPIISFederal Awardee Performance and Integrity Information SystemGrants
FAQFrequently Asked QuestionsClinical Research
FARFederal Acquisition RegulationsRegulatory
FARSFinancial Accounting and Reporting SystemGrants
FASAFederal Acquisition Streamlining ActGrants
FASABFederal Accounting Standards Advisory BoardGrants
FASEBFederation of American Societies for Experimental BiologyGrants
FBOFederal Business OpportunitiesGrants
FCCFederal Communications CommissionGrants
FCIUF Florida Climate InstituteUF Office of Research
FCOIFinancial Conflict of InterestRegulatory
FCPAFlorida Clinical Practice AssociationClinical Research
FCRFUF Florida Center for Renewable Checmicals and FuelsUF IFAS
FCSTFederal Council for Science and TechnologyGrants
FDAFood and Drug AdministrationRegulatory
FDAAAFood and Drug Administration Amendments ActClinical Research
FDAAAFood and Drug Administration Amendments ActFDA
FDACSFlorida Department of Agriculture and Consumer ServicesGrants
FDAMAFood and Drug Administration Modernization Act 1997Clinical Research
FDEPFlorida Department of Environmental ProtectionGrants
FDOCFlorida Department of CitrusGrants
FDOHFlorida Department of HealthGrants
FDOSFlorida Department of StateGrants
FDOTFlorida Department of TransportationGrants
FDPFederal Demonstration PartnershipGrants
FEAFederal Enterprise ArchitecturesGrants
FECAIFederal Electronic Commerce Acquisition InstructionsGrants
FEDIXAn online federal data base serving most federal agencies for online searchesGrants
FEINFederal Entity ID NumberGrants
FELLUF Salary Plan (Fellows)Grants
FEMAFederal Emergency Management AgencyGrants
FERPAFamily Educational Rights and Privacy ActPrivacy
FFATAFederal Financial Accountability and Transparency ActGrants
FFMIAFederal Financial Management Improvement ActGrants
FFRFinal Financial ReportGrants
FFSFee For ServiceMedical, Hospital, Insurance
FFYFederal Fiscal YearMedical, Hospital, Insurance
FHWAFederal Highway AdministrationGrants
FIFiscal IntermediaryMedical, Hospital, Insurance
FICCFederal Interagency Coordinating CouncilGrants
FICSFlorida Institute for Cyber Security ResearchUF College of Engineering
FIMAFinancial Management SystemGrants
FINDFlorida Information Network DatabaseClinical Research
FIPSEFund for Improvement of Postsecondary EducationGrants
FISAPFiscal Operations Report and Application to ParticipateGrants
FISMAFederal Information Security Management ActRegulatory
FLAUF Financial Language AssessmentClinical Research
FLDOEFlorida Department of EducationGrants
FMCFederal Management CircularGrants
FNForeign NationalGrants
FOBFree On Board or Freight On BoardGrants
FOIAFreedom of Information ActGrants
FOIAFreedom of Information ActRegulatory
FRFederal RegisterGrants
FS&TFederal Science and Technology BudgetGrants
FSRFinancial Status ReportGrants
FTCFederal Trade CommissionRegulatory
FTEFull Time EmployeeUF
FTEFull Time EquivalentUF
FTSFederal Telecommunications SystemGrants
FWAFederal Wide AssuranceRegulatory
FWCFlorida Fish and Wildlife Conservation CommissionGrants
FWC FWRIFlorida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission Fish and Wildlife Research InstituteGrants
FYFiscal YearGrants
FYFiscal YearMedical, Hospital, Insurance
FYFiscal YearUF
GAGeneral Administration (Costs)Grants
GAAPGenerally Accepted Accounting PrinciplesGrants
GAFGeographic adjustment factorMedical, Hospital, Insurance
GAGASGenerally Accepted Government Accounting StandardsGrants
GAOGeneral Accounting OfficeGrants
GASBGovernmental Accounting Standards BoardGrants
GATTGeneral Agreement on Tariffs and TradeGrants
GCGeneral CounselUF
GCPGood Clinical PracticesClinical Research
GCRCUF General Clinical Research Center (Legacy Center - now UF CRC)Medical, Hospital, Insurance
GIGastroenterologyMedical, Hospital, Insurance
GLPGood Laboratory PracticesClinical Research
GMEGraduate medical educationMedical, Hospital, Insurance
GMLOSGeometric mean length of stayMedical, Hospital, Insurance
GMOGrants Management OfficeGrants
GMRAGovernment Management Reform ActGrants
GMSGrants Management SystemGrants
GOCOGovernment Owned Contractor OperatedGrants
GOGGynecologic Oncology GroupCooperative Groups
GPCGreater Plains CollaborativeCooperative Groups
GPGGrant Proposal Guide (NSF)Grants
GPOGovernment Printing OfficeGrants
GPRAGovernment Performance and Results ActGrants
GSAGeneral Services AdministrationGrants
GUIRRGovernment-University-Industry Research RoundtableGrants
GVAMCThe Gainesville Veterans Administration Medical CenterClinical Research
GWASGenome-Wide Association StudiesClinical Research
H&PHistory and PhysicalMedical, Hospital, Insurance
HACHospital Acquired ConditionMedical, Hospital, Insurance
HBHospital BillingClinical Research
HBCUHistorically Black College and UniversityGrants
HCCHierarchical Condition CategoriesMedical, Hospital, Insurance
HCCAHealth Care Compliance AssociationMedical, Hospital, Insurance
HCFAHealth Care Financing AdministrationMedical, Hospital, Insurance
hCGHuman Chorionic Gonadotropin (pregnacy test)Lab
HCPCSHealthcare Common Procedure Coding SystemMedical, Hospital, Insurance
HCRISHospital Cost Report Information SystemMedical, Hospital, Insurance
HDEHumanitarian Device ExemptionFDA
HEENTHead, Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat ExamClinical Research
HEGISHigher Education General Information SurveyGrants
HHUF College of Health and Human PerformanceUF College of Health and Human Performance
HHAHome health agencyMedical, Hospital, Insurance
HHSUS Department of Health and Human ServicesGrants
HICHealth Insurance CardMedical, Hospital, Insurance
HIMUF Health Information ManagementMedical, Hospital, Insurance
HIMSSHealthcare Information and Management Systems SocietyMedical, Hospital, Insurance
HINNHospital Issued Notice of NonCoverageMedical, Hospital, Insurance
HIPAAHealth Insurance Portability and Accountability ActPrivacy
HISHealth information system/servicesMedical, Hospital, Insurance
HITHealthcare information technologyMedical, Hospital, Insurance
HITECHHealth Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health ActMedical, Hospital, Insurance
HIVHuman Immuno Deficiency VirusMedical
HMOHealth Maintenance OrganizationMedical, Hospital, Insurance
HOBIUF Health Outcomes and Biomedical InformaticsUF College of Medicine
HPUF College of Public Health and Health ProfessionsUF College of Public Health and Health Professions
HPIHistory of Present IllnessClinical Research
HQAHospital Quality AllianceMedical, Hospital, Insurance
HQIHospital Quality InitiativeMedical, Hospital, Insurance
HRRCUF Human Resource Research CenterUF College of Business
HRRPHospital Readmissions Reduction ProgramMedical, Hospital, Insurance
HRSAHealth Resources and Services AdministrationGrants
HRSAHealth Resources and Services AdministrationGrants
HSAHealth Resources and Services AdministrationGrants
HSAHealth Savings AccountMedical, Hospital, Insurance
HSARPAHomeland Security Advanced Research Projects AgencyGrants
HSCHealth Science CenterClinical Research
HSRHuman Subjects Research - Also see "Clinical Research"UF
HSRVccHospital Specific Relative Value cost centerMedical, Hospital, Insurance
HTNHypertensionMedical, Hospital, Insurance
HUDHumanitarian Use DeviceFDA
HUDDepartment of Housing and Urban DevelopmentGrants
HURRCHuman Use of Radioisotopes and Radiation CommitteeRegulatory
HVBPHospital Value Based PurchasingMedical, Hospital, Insurance
IAAIRB Authorization AgreementIRB
IACUCInstitutional Animal Care and Use CommitteeClinical Research
IACUCInstitutional Animal Care and Use CommitteeGrants
IACUCInstitutional Animal Care and Use CommitteeUF
IAEGCInter-Agency Electronic Grants CommitteeGrants
IASCPUF Institute for Advanced Study of the Communication ProcessesUF College of Public Health and Health Professions
IBInvestigational BrochureClinical Research
IBCInstitutional Bio-safety CommitteeGrants
IBDInflammatory Bowel DiseaseMedical, Hospital, Insurance
IBSInstitutional Based SalaryGrants
IBSIrritable Bowel SyndromeMedical, Hospital, Insurance
ICAIRUF International Center for Automated Information ResearchUF College of Law
ICATInternal Communications Advisory TeamClinical Research
ICBRUF Interdisciplinary Center for Biotechnology ResearchUF Office of Research
ICCInterstate Commerce CommissionGrants
ICDInternational Classification of DiseasesClinical Research
ICD-10-CMInternational Classification of Diseases, 10th Revision, Clinical Modifications Medical, Hospital, Insurance
ICD-10-PCSInternational Classification of Diseases, 10th Revision, Procedure Coding System Medical, Hospital, Insurance
ICD-9-CMInternational Classification of Diseases, 9th Revision, Clinical Modifications Medical, Hospital, Insurance
ICFInformed Consent FormClinical Research
ICFIndividual Consent Form/Institutional Consent Form/Informed Consent FormIRB
ICHInternational Conference on Harmonization of Technical Requirements for Registration of Pharmaceuticals for Human UseIRB
ICHPUF Institute for Child Health PolicyUF Pediatrics
ICMJEInternational Committee of Medical Journal EditorsClinical Research
ICMTRInterdisciplinary Center for Musculoskeletal Training and ResearchClinical Research
ICUIntensive care unitMedical, Hospital, Insurance
IDCIndirect costs (See F&A)Clinical Research
IDCIndirect CostsGrants
IDCIndirect Charges, Overhead Costs, Indirect Costs (IDC), and Facilities and Administrative (F&A) costs are terms have been used interchangeably by the federal government as equivalents to describe the same concept. These are actual costs incurred by the university in support of sponsored activities that cannot be identified readily and specifically to a project. Among other expenses, it includes the cost of departmental and central administrative support, building and equipment use, and library services, etc.Grants, Clinical Research
IDEInvestigational Device ExemptionFDA
IDIQIndefinite Delivery/Indefinite Quantity (type of contract)Contracts
IDPInterdisciplinary Program in Biomedical SciencesClinical Research
IDSInvestigational Drug Services UF Health, Clinical Research
IESInstitute of Education SciencesGrants
IFASUF Institute of Food and AgricultureUF College
IGInspector GeneralGrants
IHEInstituition of Higher EducationGrants
IHSIndian Health ServiceMedical, Hospital, Insurance
IIAIndividual Investigator AgreementContracts
IITInvestigator Initiated TrialClinical Research
I-MAPUF Institute for Mobility, Activity, and Participation UF College of Public Health and Health Professions
IMEIndirect Medical EducationMedical, Hospital, Insurance
INDInvestigational New DrugFDA
IOMInstitute of MedicineMedical, Hospital, Insurance
IPIntellectual PropertyContracts
IPAIntergovernmental Personnel ActGrants
IPASSInteragency Panel on Advanced Science and SecurityGrants
IPFInpatient psychiatric facilityMedical, Hospital, Insurance
IPPSInpatient Prospective Payment SystemMedical, Hospital, Insurance
IPRIntellectual Property RightsGrants
IQIntroductory QuestionnaireClinical Research
IR&DIndependent Research and DevelopmentGrants
IRABFDP Initiative to Reduce Administrative BurdenGrants
IRBInstitutional Review BoardIRB
IRCInternal Revenue CodeGrants
IRFInpatient Rehabilitation FacilityMedical, Hospital, Insurance
ISCRUF Salary PlanGrants
ITInformation TechnologyMedical, Hospital, Insurance
ITARInternational Traffic in Arms RegulationsGrants
ITMRAInformation Technology Management Reform ActGrants
IVIntravenousMedical, Hospital, Insurance
JAGJudge Advocate GeneralGrants
JCAHOJoint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare OrganizationsMedical, Hospital, Insurance
JDRFJuvenile Diabetes Research FoundationGrants
JITJust In TimeGrants
JX or JAXJacksonvilleGeneral
KDIGOKidney Disease: Improving Global OutcomesMedical, Hospital, Insurance
KKCommitment ControlGrants
LARLegally Authorized RepresentativeContracts
LCDLocal Coverage DeterminationMedical, Hospital, Insurance
LFTLiver Function TestLab
LHSLearning Health Systems (LHS) are healthcare systems in which knowledge generation processes are embedded in daily practice to produce continual improve in patient care.CTSI Program
LOALetter of Authorization, Letter of Approval Contracts
LoBLine of BusinessGrants
LOSLength of StayMedical, Hospital, Insurance
LSALabor Surplus AreaGrants
LTC-DRGLong Term Care Diagnosis Related GroupMedical, Hospital, Insurance
LTCHLong Term Care HospitalMedical, Hospital, Insurance
M&OMaintance and Operations or Management and Operations ContractorsGrants
MAMaster AgreementContracts
MACMedicare Administrative ContractorMedical, Hospital, Insurance
MBDAMinority Business Development AgencyGrants
MBEMinority Business EnterpriseGrants
MBIUF Evelyn F. and William L. McKnight Brain InstituteClinical Research
MCCMajor Complication and ComorbidityMedical, Hospital, Insurance
MCDAMutual Confidentiality Disclosure AgreementClinical Research
MCOManaged Care OrganizationMedical, Hospital, Insurance
MCTAMaster Clinical Trial AgreementContracts
MCVMajor CardiovascularMedical, Hospital, Insurance
MDUF College of MedicineUF College of Medicine
MDCMajor Diagnostic CategoryMedical, Hospital, Insurance
MDHMedicare Dependent Hospital (small rural)Medical, Hospital, Insurance
MECAMidwest Conference on College Cost AccountingGrants
MedPACMedicare Payment Advisory CommissionMedical, Hospital, Insurance
MedPARMedicare Provider Analysis and ReviewMedical, Hospital, Insurance
MICMedicaid Integrity ContractorsMedical, Hospital, Insurance
MMAMedicare Prescription Drug, Improvement and Modernization Act of 2003 Medical, Hospital, Insurance
MOAMemorandum of AgreementGrants
MOUMemorandum of UnderstandingGrants
MRHFPMedicare Rural Hospital Flexibility ProgramMedical, Hospital, Insurance
MRIMagnetic Resonance Imaging (or image)Medical, Hospital, Insurance
MS-DRGMedicare Severity DRGMedical, Hospital, Insurance
MSPMedicare Secondary PayerClinical Research
MTAMaterial Transfer AgreementContracts
MTCModified Total CostGrants
MTDCModified Total Direct CostsGrants
NABRNational Association for Biomedical ResearchGrants
NACCANational Conference on College Cost AccountingGrants
NACIENational Advisory Council on Innovation and Entrepreneurship - 2010Grants
NAHITNational Alliance for Health Information TechnologyMedical, Hospital, Insurance
NAICSNorth American Industry Classification SystemRegulatory
NASNational Academy of SciencesGrants
NASANational Aeronautics and Space AdministrationGrants
NASANational Aeronautics and Space AdministrationGrants
NBACNational Bioethics Advisory CommissionIRB
NCATSNIH - National Center for Advancing Translational Science -2011Grants
NCCNational Coordinating CommitteeGrants
NCCAMNational Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NIH)Grants
NCCINational Correct Coding InitiativeMedical, Hospital, Insurance
NCDNational Coverage DeterminationClinical Research
NCDNational coverage determinationMedical, Hospital, Insurance
NCENo Cost ExtensionGrants
NCHSNational Center for Health StatisticsMedical, Hospital, Insurance
NCINational Cancer Institute (NIH)Clincial Research
NCI-CIRBNational Cancer Institute Central Institutional Review BoardIRB
NCMHDNational Center on Minority Health and Health Disparities (NIH)Grants
NCPHSBBRNational Commission for the Protection of Human Subjects of Biomedical and Behavioral ResearchGrants
NCQANational Committee for Quality AssuranceMedical, Hospital, Insurance
NCRRNational Center for Research ResourcesClinical Research
NCRRNational Center for Research ResourcesGrants
NCSTNational Council of Science and TechnologyGrants
NCTNational Clinical TrialClinical Research
NCURANational Council of University Research AdministratorsGrants
NCVHSNational Committee on Vital and Health StatisticsMedical, Hospital, Insurance
NDANon Disclosure AgreementContracts
NDANew Drug ApplicationFDA
NEANational Endowment for the ArtsGrants
NECANortheast Conference on College Cost AccountingGrants
NEHNational Endowment for the HumanitiesGrants
NEHNational Endowment for the HumanitiesGrants
NEINational Eye Institute (NIH)Grants
NERDCNortheast Regional Data CenterClinical Research
NGANotice of Grant AwardGrants
NHGRINational Human Genome Research Institute (NIH)Grants
NHINNational Health Information NetworkMedical, Hospital, Insurance
NHLBINational Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NIH)Grants
NHRPACNational Human Research Protections Advisory CommitteeGrants
NIANational Institute on Aging (NIH)Grants
NIAAANational Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIH)Grants
NIAIDNational Institute of Allergy and Infectious DiseasesGrants
NIAIDNational Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIH)Grants
NIAMSNational Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases (NIH)Grants
NIBIBNational Institute of Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering (NIH)Grants
NICHDNational Institute of Child Health and Human Development (NIH)Grants
NICUNeonatal Intensive Care UnitMedical, Hospital, Insurance
NIDANational Institute on Drug Abuse (NIH)Grants
NIDCDNational Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders (NIH)Grants
NIDCRNational Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research (NIH)Grants
NIDDKNational Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases (NIHGrants
NIENational Institute of EducationGrants
NIEHSNational Institute of Environmental Health ServicesGrants
NIEHSNational Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIH)Grants
NIGMSNational Institute of General Medical Sciences (NIH)Grants
NIHNational Institutes of HealthClinical Research
NIHNational Institutes of HealthGrants
NIHNational Institutes of HealthGrants
NIJNational Institute of JusticeGrants
NIMETUF Nanoscience Institute for Medical and Engineering TechnologyUF College of Engineering
NIMHNational Institute of Mental Health (NIH)Grants
NINDSNational Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NIH)Grants
NINRNational Institute of Nursing Research (NIH)Grants
NISTNational Institute of Standards and TechnologyGrants
NLMNational Library of Medicine (NIH)Grants
NLRBNational Labor Relations BoardGrants
NNLNational Nuclear LaboratoryGrants
NOANotification of AcceptanceClinical Research
NOANotice of AwardGrants
NOAANational Oceanic and Atmospheric AdministrationGrants
NOAANational Oceanographic & Atmospheric AdministrationGrants
NOFANotice of Financial AssistanceGrants
NPNurse PractitionerClinical Research
NPINational Provider IdentifierMedical, Hospital, Insurance
NPRNational Performance ReviewGrants
NPRMNotice of Proposed RulemakingGrants
NPSNational Park ServiceGrants
NQFNational Quality ForumMedical, Hospital, Insurance
NRUF College of NursingUF College of Nursing
NRCNational Research CouncilGrants
NRCNuclear Regulatory CommissionGrants
NRLNaval Research LaboratoryGrants
NRSARuth L. Kirschstein National Research Service AwardClinical Research
NRSANational Research Service Award (NIH)Grants
NSANational Security AgencyGrants
NSABPNational Surgical Adjuvant Breast and Bowel ProjectGrants
NSBNational Science BoardGrants
NSCNational Security CouncilGrants
NSDDNational Security Decision Directive 189 (issued 1985)Grants
NSFNational Science FoundationGrants
NSPNot Separately PricedGrants
NSRNon Significant RiskIRB
NSTCNational Science Technology CouncilGrants
NTISNational Technical Information ServiceGrants
NTSBNational Transportation Safety BoardGrants
NVHRINational Voluntary Hospital Reporting InitiativeMedical, Hospital, Insurance
O&MOperations and Maintenance CostsGrants
OCEOutpatient code editorMedical, Hospital, Insurance
OCOOperating Capital OutlayClinical Research
OCRU.S. Office for Civil RightsMedical, Hospital, Insurance
OCRUF Office of Clinical ResearchUF Core Office
ODDR&EOffice of the Department of Defense Research and EngineeringGrants
OEOperating ExpenseClinical Research
OEOther ExpenseGrants
OESOffice of Employment SecurityGrants
OESOccupational employment statisticsMedical, Hospital, Insurance
OETOffice of Employment TrainingGrants
OFACOffice of Foreign Assets ControlGrants
OFCCOffice of Federal Contract ComplianceGrants
OFFMOffice of Federal Financial ManagementGrants
OFMOffice of Financial ManagementGrants
OFROffice of the Federal RegisterGrants
OHUF One Health Center for ExcellenceUF Office of Research
OHRPOffice of Human Research ProtectionsIRB
OIGU.S. Office of Inspector GeneralRegulatory
OIRAU.S. Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs (OMB)Grants
OLAWOffice of Laboratory Animal WelfareGrants
OMBOffice of Management and BudgetGrants
ONROffice of Naval ResearchGrants
OPOffice of PrivacyClinical Research
OPERAOffice of Policy for Extramural Research AdministrationGrants
OPMOffice of Personnel ManagementGrants
OPPSOutpatient prospective payment systemMedical, Hospital, Insurance
OPRROffice for Protection from Research RisksGrants
OPSOther Personal ServicesClinical Research
OROperating RoomMedical, Hospital, Insurance
ORUF Office of ResearchUF Core Office
ORAOffice of Research AdministrationGrants
ORAUF Office of Research AffairsUF Core Office
ORIOffice of Research IntegrityGrants
OSAOther Sponsored ActivitiesGrants
OSCAROnline Survey Certification and Reporting (System)Medical, Hospital, Insurance
OSEPOffice of Special Education ProgramsGrants
OSHAOccupational Safety and Health AdministrationGrants
OSMIUF Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine InstituteUF College of Medicine
OSPOffice of Sponsored ProjectsGrants
OSTPOffice of Science and Technology PolicyGrants
OTOffice of TransportationGrants
OTLUF Office of Technology LicensingUF Core Office
OTTOffice of Technology Transfer (NIH)Grants
PAPhysician AssistantClinical Research
PAPPGProposal & Award Policies & Procedures Guide (NSF)Grants
PBProfessional BillingClinical Research
PCASTPresident's Committee of Advisors on Science and TechnologyGrants
PCCPolicy Coordination CouncilGrants
PCCMUF Pediatrics Critical Care ManagementUF Pediatrics
PCOProcuring Contracting OfficerGrants
PCORIPatient-Centered Outcomes Research InstituteGrants
PDProject DirectorGrants
PDFPortable Document FormatGrants
PDxPrincipal DiagnosisMedical, Hospital, Insurance
PEPPERProgram for Evaluating Payment Patterns Electronic ReportMedical, Hospital, Insurance
PETAPeople for the Ethnical Treatment of AnimalsGrants
PFSPatient Financial ServicesClinical Research
PFTPulmonary Function TestMedical, Hospital, Insurance
PHUF College of PharmacyUF College of Pharmacy
PHHPUF College of Public Health and Health ProfessionsUF College of Public Health and Health Professions
PHIProtected Health InformationGrants
PHIProtected Healthcare InformationIRB, Privacy
PHRPersonal Health RecordMedical, Hospital, Insurance
PhRMAPharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of American CodeClinical Research
PHSPublic Health ServiceGrants
PIPrincipal InvestigatorClinical Research
PIIPersonally Identifiable InformationGrants
PKPyruvate Kinase (lab)Medical, Hospital, Insurance
PK/PDPharmacokinetics/PharmacodynamicsMedical, Hospital, Insurance
PKIPublic Key InfrastucutreGrants
PKsPharmacokinetics (lab)Medical, Hospital, Insurance
PMAPre Market ApprovalFDA
PMSPayment Management SystemGrants
POBy MouthMedical, Hospital, Insurance
POAPresent on admissionMedical, Hospital, Insurance
POCPoint of ContactGrants
POGPediatric Oncology GroupCooperative Groups
POPUF Pharmaceutical Outcomes and PolicyUF College of Pharmacy
PoRCHUF Pediatric Research HubUF Pediatrics
PPACAPatient Protection and Affordable Care ActMedical, Hospital, Insurance
PPCNPBC Pediatric Primary Care Nurse Practitioner Board CertifiedClinical Research
PPIProducer Price IndexMedical, Hospital, Insurance
PPSProspective payment systemMedical, Hospital, Insurance
PRAPer resident amountMedical, Hospital, Insurance
PRDPresidential Review DirectiveGrants
PRHPPost retirement Health PlansGrants
PRICEUF Pain Research and Intervention Center of ExcellenceUF Clinical and Translational Science Institute
PRMProvider Reimbursement ManualMedical, Hospital, Insurance
PRNAs Necessary (from the Latin "pro re nata")Medical, Hospital, Insurance
PROGPeer Review Oversight GroupGrants
PRRBProvider Reimbursement Review BoardMedical, Hospital, Insurance
PRSProtocol Registration and Results
PS&RProvider Statistical and Reimbursement (System)Medical, Hospital, Insurance
PSCParticipant Support CostGrants
PSIPatient Safety IndicatorMedical, Hospital, Insurance
PTEPass-through EntityGrants
PTEPart Time EmployeeUF
PTOPatent and Trademark OfficeGrants
QAQuality AssuranceGeneral
QIQuality ImprovementHospital
QIOQuality Improvement OrganizationMedical, Hospital, Insurance
QIPQuality Improvement ProgramHospital
R&DResearch and DevelopmentClinical Research
R&RReseach and RelatedGrants
RARemittance adviceMedical, Hospital, Insurance
RACRecovery Audit ContractorClinical Research
RACRecombinant DNA CommitteeGrants
RACRecovery Audit ContractorMedical, Hospital, Insurance
RACUF Research Administration and Compliance (Legacy Office)UF Legacy Office
RAFTResearch Adminstration & Financials TrainingUF DSP
RAPResearch Adminstration PortalUF
RBCRed Blood CellMedical, Hospital, Insurance
RBCResearch Billing ComplianceUF
RBMResearch Business ModelsGrants
RBOUF Health Research Billing OfficeUF and Shands
RCRevenue codeMedical, Hospital, Insurance
RCRResponsible Conduct in ResearchGrants
RDMSRelational Database Management SystemGrants
RDNARecombinant DNA ResearchGrants
REDCapResearch Electronic Data CaptureClinical Research
RFARequest for ApplicationsGrants
RFPRequest for ProposalGrants
RFQRequest for QuotationGrants
RHCRural health clinicMedical, Hospital, Insurance
RHIORegional health information organizationMedical, Hospital, Insurance
ROIReturn on InvestmentGrants
ROIRelease of information (or return on investment)Medical, Hospital, Insurance
ROMRisk of mortalityMedical, Hospital, Insurance
RPPRResearch Performance Progress ReportGrants
RWRelative weightMedical, Hospital, Insurance
RYRate yearMedical, Hospital, Insurance
S&WSalaries and WagesGrants
S&W + BSalaries and Wages plus benefitsGrants
S2SSystem to SystemGrants
SAESerious Adverse EventClinical Research
SAFStandard analytic fileMedical, Hospital, Insurance
SAMSystem for Award ManagementGrants
SAMHSASubstance Abuse and Mental Health AdministrationGrants
SBASmall Business AdministrationGrants
SBER Social, Behavioral, and Educational ResearchGrants
SBIRSmall Business Innovation ResearchGrants
SBIRSmall Business Innovation ResearchGrants
SBUSensitive But UnclassifiedGrants
SCDMStudy Coordination and Data ManagementUF Cancer Center
SCHSole community hospitalMedical, Hospital, Insurance
SCISpinal Cord InjuryMedical, Hospital, Insurance
SECASoutheast Conference on College Cost AccountingGrants
SEOGSupplemental Education Opportunity GrantsGrants
SEVISStudent and Exchange Visitor Information System (INS for tracking foreign students)Grants
SFAStudent Financial AidGrants
SFWMDSouth Florida Water Management DistrictGrants
SGRSustainable growth rateMedical, Hospital, Insurance
Shands PFSShands Patient Financial ServicesUF Health
SHARCSouthern HIV and Alcohol Research ConsortiumUF SHARC Center for Transitional HIV Research
SHCShands Healthcare, Inc.Clinical Research
SIStatus indicatorMedical, Hospital, Insurance
SILStudy Initiation LetterClinical Research
SIPUniversity of Florida Self Insurance ProgramUF
SIRSSystemic inflammatory response syndromeMedical, Hospital, Insurance
SJRWMDSaint Johns River Water Management DistrictGrants
SNAPStreamline Non-competing Application ProcessGrants
SNFSkilled nursing facilityMedical, Hospital, Insurance
SOCStandard of CareClinical Research
SOCsStandard Occupational ClassificationsMedical, Hospital, Insurance
SOESchedule of EventsClinical Research
SOISeverity of IllnessMedical, Hospital, Insurance
SOPStandard Operating ProceduresClinical Research
SOWStatement of WorkGrants
SPASponsored Project AdministrationGrants
SPASponsored Programs AdministratorGrants
SPAMSponsored Programs Administration ManagerGrants
SPOCSingle Point of ContactGrants
SRSignificant RiskIRB
SRAStandard Research AgreementContracts
SRASociety of Research AdministratorsGrants
SRICStudy Registration Initiation ChecklistUF
SRMCScientific Review and Monitoring CommitteeRegulatory
SROSponosored Research OfficeGrants
SSASocial Security AdministrationMedical, Hospital, Insurance
SSISupplemental Security IncomeMedical, Hospital, Insurance
STEMScience Technology Engineering and MathmaticsGrants
STEPScience, Technology and Economic Policy Board Grants
STGMSSpace Telescope Grants Management SystemGrants
STPScience and Technology PolicyGrants
STSCISpace Telescope Science InstituteGrants
STTRSmall Business Technology TransferGrants
SUSState University SystemClinical Research
SWFSalaries, Wages and FringeClinical Research
SWFWMDSouthwest Florida Water Management DistrictGrants
T&ATime and attendanceGrants
TAGTechnical Advisory GroupMedical, Hospital, Insurance
TAVITranscatheter Aortic Valve ImplantationMedical, Hospital, Insurance
TAVRTranscatheter Aortic Valve ReplacementMedical, Hospital, Insurance
TBITraumatic Brain InjuryClinical Research
TBSRTotal Business Systems ReviewGrants
TDCTotal Direct CostsGrants
TFFATotal Federal Funds AwardedGrants
TIATransient ischemic attackMedical, Hospital, Insurance
TINTax ID NumberGrants
TWOTask Work OrderContracts
TxTreatmentMedical, Hospital, Insurance
UBITUnrelated Business Income TaxGrants
UCUlcerative ColitisMedical, Hospital, Insurance
UCAUtility Cost AdjustmentGrants
UFUniversity of FloridaGeneral
UF COMUF College of MedicineUF College of Medicine
UF CRCUF Clinical Research Center in CTSIUF Clinical and Translational Science Institute
UF SPCUF Sports Performance CenterUF College of Medicine
UFBIUF Biodiversity InstituteUF Office of Research
UFBOTUniversity of Florida Board of TrusteesUF
UFCMDNUF Center for Movement Disorders and NeurorestorationUF College of Medicine
UFCSTUF Center for Smell and TasteUF Office of Research
UFCT-GOVUF Clinical Trials.GovUF Clinical
UFDWIUF Digital Worlds InstituteUF College of Engineering
UFFUniversity of Florida Foundation, Inc. Clinical Research
UFHCCUF Health Cancer CenterUF Cancer Center
UFHPTIUF Health Proton Therapy InstituteMedical, Hospital, Insurance
UFIIUF Informatics InstituteUF Office of Research
UFIRSTUniversity of Florida Integrated Research Support ToolClinical Research
UFPUniversity of Florida PhysiciansClinical Research
UFPTIUniversity of Florida Proton Therapy InstituteClinical Research
UFRFUniversity of Florida Research Foundation, Inc.Clinical Research
UFTIUniversity of Florida Transportation InstituteUF College of Engineering
UHDDSUniform Hospital Discharge Data SetMedical, Hospital, Insurance
UniformGuidance Uniform Adminstrative Requirments, Cost Principles, and Audit Requirements for Federal Awards Grants
URUtilization ReviewMedical, Hospital, Insurance
USUltrasoundMedical, Hospital, Insurance
USAUnited States ArmyGrants
USAFUnited States Air ForceGrants
USAIDUnited States Agency for International DevelopmentGrants
USAMRAAUnited States Army Medical Research Acquisition ActivityGrants
USAMRDCUnited States Army Medical Research and Development CommandGrants
USAMRMCUnited States Army Medical Research and Materiel CommandGrants
USCUnited States CodeGrants
USCGUnited States Coast GuardGrants
USDAUnited States Department of AgricultureGrants
USDAUnited States Department of AgricultureGrants
USDA AFRIUnited States Department of Agriculture Agriculture and Food Research InitiativeGrants
USDA APHISUnited States Department of Agriculture Animal & Plant Health Inspection ServiceGrants
USDA ARSUnited States Department of Agriculture Agriculture Research ServiceGrants
USDA NIFAUnited States Department of Agriculture National Institute of Food and AgricultureGrants
USDA SCRIUnited States Department of Agriculture Specialty Crop Research InitiativeGrants
USDEUnited States Department of EnergyGrants
USIAUnited States Information AgencyGrants
USNUnited States NavyGrants
VAIPA Veterans Administration Intergovernmental Personnel ActClinical Research
VADepartment of Veterans AffairsGrants
VAMCVeterans Administration Medical Center (Malcom Randall VAMC)Clinical Research
VATValue Added TaxGrants
VBPValue Based PurchasingMedical, Hospital, Insurance
VETMEDUF College of Veterinary MedicineUF College of Veterinary Medicine
VMUF College of Veterinary MedicineUF College of Veterinary Medicine
WAWFDoD Wide Area WorkflowGrants
WBCWhite Blood CellMedical, Hospital, Insurance
WECAWestern Conference on College Cost AccountingGrants
WHOWorld Health OrganizationGrants
WIRBWestern Institutional Review BoardClinical Research
XMLExtensible Markup LanguageGrants
YCCYouth Conservation CorpsGrants
ZPICZone Program Integrity ContractorMedical, Hospital, Insurance