myInvestiGator is an online fiscal tool that provides intuitive views of sponsored project balances with the ability to quickly drill-down to the transaction details. The navigation and information is geared specifically to help principal investigators and their support staff answer such questions as ‘How much money do I have left?’ and ‘Can I afford to buy a necessary supply or hire another graduate student?’ myInvestiGator is mananged by UF InformationTechnology.

myInvestiGator Access

  • The tool is accessible through myUFL or directly at
  • One of the following myUFL security roles is required: UF_HR_FACULTY, UF_FI_UNIVERSAL_INQUIRY, UF_GM_PROPOSALS
  • Work with your departmental fiscal and human resources liasons to ensure you have the correct myUFL roles.

myInvestiGator Login URL

myInvestiGator Support

myInvestiGator Training

  • The tool is designed to be intuitive such that formal training courses are not be needed. 
  • Online help is available by clicking on the help icon once logged into the tool.

myInvestiGator User Guides