Fund 214

The Office of Clinical Research (OCR) Financials team is responsible for 214 accounts receivables, closeouts, and financial oversight.

Fund 214 Management Tips

Provide Backup for Journal Entries (JEs)

Backup documentation is required to process 214 JEs. Please be sure all JEs have backup when it gets to the V-V status. OCR is currently pulling, reviewing, and posting all 214 JEs (in V-V status with backup) every week.

Include Project or OCR Number in the Invoice Number

Sometimes checks and EFTs have very little information on them to associate them to the correct study. Most do include the UF invoice #. If you are generating your own invoices for your clinical trials, be sure that your invoice number includes the myUFL project or OnCore number. This ensures that funds for your projects are easily identified and deposits can be made immediately upon receipt.

Contact OCR for Everything 214

The OCR financials team reviews and processes everything related to fund 214. This includes myUFL project creation (including CTOA projects), project extensions, JEs, PI/Sponsor changes, and close outs. They also can help with any 214 questions or concerns.