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Update on COVID-19 from UF|Research

COVID-19 is a significant challenge that will continue to impact our research on campus and across the state in the weeks ahead.  Given the progression of impact on campus and across the state, please take the following actions immediately: Research activities that can be accomplished remotely should move to that…

FDA Issues COVID-19 Guidance for Conducting Clinical Trials

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has issued guidance for industry, investigators and institutional review boards conducting clinical trials during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. For more information, see

Impact of COVID-19 on UF Research and Sponsored Programs

While the university is requiring that all classes be moved online, there are currently no restrictions or limitations on research activities. Access to research facilities remains unchanged for faculty, staff, graduate students and others who are engaged in these activities.

Tip for Epic Research Charge Reviews – Review Descriptions

When performing Epic Charge Reviews, be sure to review the descriptions of the services (in addition to CTP and EAP codes) when making bucketing determinations. These descriptions can help you verify that you are looking at the correct service(s) for your research participant.

REMINDER! Close Epic Record When Updating Subject Status in OnCore

When registering a subject or updating a subject status in OnCore, make sure that you do NOT have the corresponding study or patient research record open in Epic.  If the Epic record is open, the subject status will NOT update from OnCore. For more information, see the OnCore Epic…

Review Epic Research Order Results in Your InBasket

Don’t forget to check your Epic InBasket!   Study Teams can now review results for study-related orders from their Epic InBasket. When an order is research associated and resulted, an InBasket notification is sent to the Principal Investigator and all Study Coordinators listed on the Research Record in Epic as a CC’d…