About OnCore

OnCore is a web-based clinical research management system that manages multiple aspects of clinical research, including protocols, participants, sponsor invoicing, billing, data, and specimens.

What Does OnCore Do?

OnCore allows researchers to use one program to manage multiple components of clinical research while maintaining consistency, data integrity and compliance across the institution.

Implementation - OnCore_Online_Collaborative_Research_Environment

OnCore is designed to help centralize and manage research-related data and activities, including:

  • Protocol Management
  • Regulatory Committee Management
  • Centralized Study Calendars
  • Subject Enrollment and Visit Tracking
  • Financial Management
  • Billing Compliance
  • Reporting
  • Effort Tracking
  • Auditing
  • Biospecimen Management
  • EMR Integration

OnCore Functionality “Modules”

OnCore offers different “modules” of functionality.  Institutions can opt to use some or all of the modules; however, certain modules are dependent upon the implementation of other modules.  The image below shows these dependencies.

For example, the Protocol functionality is required for all other modules. The Coverage Analysis functionality depends on the implementation of the Protocol and Calendar functionality.

OnCore_Stacked _Functionality

OnCore Generic Clinical Research Workflow

Implementation - OnCore_Clinical_Research_Workflow

UF Implementation Goals

In 2017, the Office of Clinical Research began a three-year initiative to:

  • Implement OnCore as the clinical research management system for the entire university, “enterprise-wide”.
  • Implement the use of all OnCore modules, including Calendars and Financials.
Implementation - OnCore_Goals-of-Enterprise-OnCore

When was OnCore Implemented at UF?

Timeline of UF OnCore Implementation

OnCore-Epic Integration

By the end of the Epic implementation phase, the UF OnCore system will be integrated with the UF Health Epic electronic health record system and other administrative systems. Note: Not all integrations will be “turned on” at once.

Implementation - OnCore_Integrations

What UF Studies are Managed in OnCore?

  • Cancer-related studies reviewed by the Scientific Review and Monitoring Committee.
  • Any other Human Subjects Research studies that include at least one of the following:
    • Prospective assignment of subjects
    • Intervention with therapeutic intent
    • Measurement of health or behavioral outcomes
    • Collection of health-related biomedical or behavioral data or samples
    • Data collected in a clinic, hospital, research space, or the UF Clinical Research Center

As new studies are started, they are added to the OnCore portfolio. In addition, departments may opt to have other human subjects research included in OnCore  (e.g. observational clinical research studies, data and specimen banks, etc.).  Departments may also choose to have “older” legacy study and patient data entered into OnCore.

Several factors determine how much of the OnCore functionality is used on a given study. For example, some legacy studies may only take advantage of the OnCore record or “shell”, while a newer study might also use the calendar, budget, and/or invoicing modules, depending on the nature of the study.

Implementation - OnCore_Project_Builds

How Can I Learn More About the UF OnCore Implementation?