OCR Services Workflow

OCR Workflow Diagram

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OCR Services Workflow Diagram

OCR Activation Timelines

  1. Intake submitted [protocol, ICF, budget, contract]
  2. Calendar built [1 week]
  3. Coverage Analysis completed [2 weeks]
    • Includes OCR contacting ancillary department for coding and to Research Billing Office/Finance for pricing if required – replaces study team providing this information
    • Includes OCR producing Qualifying Clinical Trial (QCT) checklist – replaces study team attestation on Medicare Coverage Analysis Worksheet
    • Includes OnCore/Epic billing designations and service-level justification for anything billed to patients/insurance
  4. Review/approval Calendar/Coverage Analysis/Coding and Pricing [1 week]
  5. Budget negotiation/Contracting redlines [4 weeks]
  6. Budget review and entry [1 week]
  7. Contract executed, IRB documented, Epic/Vestigo integrations, open to accrual

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