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Improved Research View Access for Inpatient/ED Participant Epic Charts

For many years, most study coordinators did not have Epic view access to certain Inpatient (IP) and Emergency Department (ED) patient records. In particular, there were issues with viewing Medication records and various Notes. There also was confusion regarding the correct Epic login department to use for these patients.

Tip for Epic Research Charge Reviews – Review Descriptions

When performing Epic Charge Reviews, be sure to review the descriptions of the services (in addition to CTP and EAP codes) when making bucketing determinations. These descriptions can help you verify that you are looking at the correct service(s) for your research participant.

Review Epic Research Order Results in Your InBasket

Don’t forget to check your Epic InBasket!   Study Teams can now review results for study-related orders from their Epic InBasket. When an order is research associated and resulted, an InBasket notification is sent to the Principal Investigator and all Study Coordinators listed on the Research Record in Epic as a CC’d…

New Epic Research Billing Review Guidance

Effective immediately: The existing guidance requiring the clinical research community to perform their Epic Research Billing Review (aka charge bucketing) within 7-days has changed.  The new guidance requires that these reviews occur every 72-hours.  The companion “Research Charges Awaiting Coordinator Review” reports have also increased in frequency to three-times per…