Updates to the OCR Training Series

In 2021, the Office of Clincial Research (OCR) Training team will be combining the Research Billing Compliance (RBC), Epic Research, and OnCore training classes into one OCR training series. This will be a stepwise process that includes retiring courses, moving current content into already exisiting courses, converting some live courses to an online modality, and/or creating new courses.

Changes So Far…

OCR800 Moved to Online Course

RBC800, RBC804, RBC806 Combined into New Live Course

RBC801, RBC802 Retired

RBC808, RBC818 Renumbered

OCR860 Epic Timeline Course Created

  • A new course OCR860: Epic Timeline Management has been created.
  • Whenever a patient is enrolled into a study that has a billing grid/calendar in OnCore AND in Epic, you MUST manually generate a patient timeline in Epic. This will auto-direct the subject’s Epic charges to the appropriate billing designation (“bucket”) based on the applied timeline.
  • This course is currently presented via zoom twice a month; it will soon also be offered as an “on demand” online course. 
  • To register, Click on this link to access the registration page in the myTraining system (Gatorlink login required).


  • Additional information about 2021 OCR training transitions can be found on our main training page.
  • Training updates are also announced in our biweekly Clinical Research Forums.
  • Study team managers and supervisors are encouraged to perdiodically review the main training page to ensure that new study staff are following the most current training series.  
  • If you have questions or need help registering, please email OCR-Training@ahc.ufl.edu.