Updates to PPE Requirements for Research Staff

In an ongoing effort to reduce the risks of potential exposure to COVID-19, UF Health continues to update guidance on PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) use in patient-care areas.

These updates impact the current PPE requirements for UF research staff. Changes and clarifications include the following:

  • At a minimum, research staff are required to wear surgical masks and eye protection (face shields, full-length visors, goggles, or safety glasses) in all patient-facing areas.
  • This includes any “research-only” patient-care areas (e.g. Clinical Research Centers, CTRB, AMRIS, Institute of Aging, CERB).
  • In addition, for all UF Health and UF research patient-care areas, research staff must follow the most stringent PPE requirements or recommendations applicable as outlined in any current Patient Care Clinical Guidance on the UF Health Bridge.
  • Please note that in patient-care areas, research staff should not be wearing cloth masks alone. Cotton masks may be worn under the 3-ply ear loop for those who are allergic to procedural masks. To prolong the life of procedural masks, you can also wear cotton mask over the procedural mask and then launder.

The online guidance for Resuming Health-Related Human Subjects Research During COVID-19 has beed updated to reflect these changes.


If you have questions about these changes, please contact the Office of Clinical Research (OCR).

In addition, OCR will be discussing this topic at the next biweekly Clinical Research Forum on Tuesday, 09/01/20 at 9 a.m. If you are not already a forum member and would like to attend, please click here to subscribe and receive the Zoom invite (sent out the day before each meeting).