UF|Research Resumption Plan – Stage 2

From:    Vice President for Research David Norton

To:          UF Research Faculty and Staff

RE:         UF|Research Resumption Plan

I want to thank everyone for their incredible efforts in bringing our researchers back on campus through the initial stage of the UF Research Resumption Plan.  Research activities of over 3000 UF faculty, staff, post-docs and graduate students were successfully reviewed and approved though the Research Activity Approval Portal.  These efforts to reengage activities that were disrupted due to the COVID-19 pandemic are remarkably important to the research mission and objectives of our enterprise.  Again, thank you to all for your resiliency, patience, and dedication.

Beginning today, June 1 2020, we are progressing to Stage 2 of the resumption plan as described in the attached and also located at https://research.ufl.edu/covid-19-updates.html .  For many, the most significant change will be an increase in the allowed density of people per laboratory, an increase from 1 per 500 sq. ft. to 1 per 250 sq. ft.  For human subject research, the allowed resumption of diagnostic, screening and interventional studies will expand activities as we move to Stage 2.  Specific guidance for human subject researchers can be found at https://clinicalresearch.ctsi.ufl.edu/covid-19/resuming-hsr-study-activities/.

In order to assist researchers as we move to Stage 2 of the plan, we are providing the following guidance:

  • For activities approved in Stage 1 that require no additions in personnel or facility location, no additional approval is needed for Stage 2.  Researchers may proceed within the Stage 2 limitation.
  • For Stage 1 approved activities that simply require the addition of personnel or facility location, a Stage 2 Activity Request must be submitted through the portal for review.  To the extent possible, please reference the previously approved Stage 1 case number so as to avoid re-inputting all information. 
  • For Stage 2 activities that are significantly modified relative to a Stage 1 approval, or for researchers who did not have approved Stage 1 activity plans, please submit all information requested.  As with the Stage 1 activities, please work with the associate dean for research within your college for submission of new or modified activities through the Research Activity Approval Portal.

We are aware that the COVID-19 Screen/Test process being administered by UF-HR / UF Health is ongoing, and as a reminder, note that all UF employees must successfully complete this process before returning to UF facilities.”  After being cleared by UF-HR / UF Health, employees should coordinate with their department chair or facility administrator to establish a schedule for return.

As we progress through this and future stages, our success will remain dependent on our adherence to the UF Health Screen/Test/Protect program which include:

  • Face covering – required within all UF building
  • Social distance – Keep 6 feet between people inside or outdoors
  • Hand and surface hygiene – Wash hands and disinfect surfaces often
  • If sick, stay home – Seek medical assistance if experiencing COVID-19 symptoms.

Together, we can accelerate the mission of UF research discovery that impacts our state, nation, and world.

Dr. David P. Norton | VP for Research | University of Florida | (352) 392-9271 | dpnorton@ufl.edu