ClinicalTrials.Gov and ICMJE Recommendations

Originally Published 02/16/17 – Updated 09/07/18 

There are at least 14 medical journals that are official members of the ICMJE (International Committee of Medical Journal Editors). However, there are many more “non-member” journals that follow the ICMJE Recommendations.

A list of journals that have contacted the ICMJE to request listing as a publication that follows the ICMJE Recommendations is available here.

Note: There may be journals that follow the ICMJE Recommendations that do not appear on this list. Users should also be aware that individual publications and their editors may have individual interpretations of and implementation of ICMJE Recommendations. The ICMJE cannot verify how closely listed journals follow the many specific recommendations contained within the ICMJE Recommendations.

Authors and others with questions about the processes or policies of a specific journal should consult that journal directly.